Summer 2010!!

Learn something new. Look up the history of the phoenix.

Welcome to Summer Break 2010! We’ve had a great year and I’m going to miss you (yes really) this summer. But I AM going to enjoy my break! I hope you each have a wonderful, safe summer. Do something fun. Do something different. Visit a new place, see a good movie, make a new friend, write, read & revive yourself for a new year. Whatever you do, make MEMORIES!


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Attention ALL English Classes- Extra Credit Option & Chance to Win MONEY!!

If you are in need of some extra credit (or you’r not and you just want to show off your INCREDIBLE writing skills) follow the guidelines below and enter the KASA Writing Contest.   If you decide to do this, please bring your rough draft to me before submitting so we can conference about it.   This is a great opportunity! 

Message to Students:

KASA’s 2010 writing contest theme is Connecting Learning to the Real World.  While at school each day, please consider your past and present learning experiences, and then consider how these experiences have been connected to your everyday life.  Below is a list of some guiding questions to help you consider the possibilities:

  1. What do schools do to raise awareness of the many different views in our society?
  2. What experiences at school have connected students to technology opportunities and growth?
  3. How do principles of democracy apply in our schools?
  4. What experiences at school have developed students’ understanding of career opportunities/career paths?
  5. How has school service learning connected students to needs within the community?
  6. What opportunities at school have supported student growth and appreciation of the creative arts?
  7. What experiences at school have developed students’ understanding of future studies/fields of interest? 
  8. What opportunities at school have supported student growth and appreciation of community leaders?
  9. How has school-based instruction connected students to international partners and/or travel?
  10. Will education today connect to future diplomacy skills for our students?
  11. How will learning about “green” school initiatives connect to daily family living, global trends, or the greenhouse effect?
  12. Will learning in today’s classrooms connect to targeted 21st century learning skills?

Using the writing format of your choice, please write about the many ways you believe education and learning can be connected to the world around us.  Include research that guides your thinking, be CREATIVE and have fun!!  

First place winners will be invited to read their winning entries at KASA’s annual summer institute, July 22 or 23, receive a $100 gift card, and a distinguished trophy.

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English IV Macbeth Extra Credit

Reminder! Extra credit options can be found on the English IV Extra Credit tab. There are three options. You may complete one or all. Deadline: MARCH 12th.

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English III Extra Credit Due Friday!

English III Students! 

Don’t forget that your extra credit assignments are due Friday, February 26, 2010.   This could really help boost your grade!  To view your options click here.

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Find a piece of literature (a poem, a short story, etc) and read it. Think about what the author means within the text. You are then going to offer your own analysis and connections. First, tell what the piece means in your own words, as if you were teaching what it means to someone. Then, apply it to your life. What lesson(s) can you learn from what the author is telling you? Write an essay, including all of this information (You guessed it! It MUST be at least 5 paragraphs and in MLA format).  It does not have to be typed, but if hand written, please make sure it is neat and easy to read.

If this is a well written piece, it could replace a bad test grade!


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September 11, 2009

In remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001, students in all of wtccollapsedMrs. Lawler’s English classes will be writing a creative reflective writing piece.   They will use the memories they have retained from that day and the knowledge they now have of the events, to creatively write their own personal account of living through that day.   Students can write from the viewpoint of a student, as a person involved in the actual events, or perhaps even just as a news reporter.   Not only does this allow them time to reflect, but it will allow them to further develop their creative and reflective writing skills.    Parents, be sure to ask you students to share some of their writing with you!  They have great and inspiring minds.   Or, go a step further, write your own piece and share it with your child!

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